Who here likes to travel?

When I was three, my dad took us with him on a business trip to France, England and Wales. Not only did I appreciate the different sights and people I experienced, but they formed some of my earliest memories! I remember being in the Eiffel Tower, and seeing Notre Dame. I also remember having a temper tantrum on an especially late night at a hotel! I remember being on a plane above the ocean. And I remember coming back home and exploring my home all over again– as if it had changed!

As parents, do you wonder just how much early adventures can impact your child’s life? Are you the adventurous sort of parent, or the cautious sort? Do you put off traveling to new places until your children are “old enough” to appreciate it? Or do you plunge into new adventures with your little ones? Please feel free to comment on this blog! I would love to hear your experiences of where you traveled as a child, or where you have taken your children. I hope this site will inspire parents and children alike!

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2 thoughts on “Who here likes to travel?

  1. We’ve always taken our kids to places we want them to experience and hope they will remember. I agree that even though sometimes kids are a little too young to really appreciate it all, they will form their preferences for travel and adventure by what you do and where you take them from the very youngest age! Even if they don’t truly remember it later on.

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    1. Thanks, Shana! I appreciate your comment. I’ve heard that 95% of a child’s personality is formed by age two. And they are more likely to remember something exciting!


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