About the Book

Wanted: Shoes That Tell a Story…

Sophia is a determined little girl who lets her obsession with shoes take her away to new adventures! Despite her parents’ skepticism, she lives by the premise that “Shoes take me places.” The kindly shopkeeper informs her that imagination plus frugality and hard work are what take you places– as you put one foot in front of the other. But for Sophia, it all revolves around shoes, and for her they carry a dream that literally takes her places.

Sophia interprets the sign outside the store window in her favor– and thus learns to master her own destiny! The sign reads:

Wanted: Shoes that Tell a Story!

Get your old shoes started on a new journey! Earn a commission by bringing your old clothes/shoes to Treasures that Travel Consignment. Accepting vintage and recent fashions in excellent condition; as well as antiques, jewelry and other treasures!

“My shoes tell a story!” Sophia exclaims. “I am going to win the prize money so I can go to Italy!” Not understanding that the sign was merely about consignment items –and with the dream of winning a writing contest, she begins embellishing on her memoirs…

our family memoirs, that is… .or maybe not? Fiction based on our experiences, our real life adventures… Each set of Sophia’s shoes leads us to a new destination… beginning in the U.S. and the Caribbean, and stretching onward, to who knows where… All fellow travelers who understand that life itself is pretty magical can share in these whimsical adventures with us!

Stay tuned to follow the story by clicking on the category labeled “chapters.” Please feel free to post your stories… stories about travel, travel with children, rediscovering family heritage, traveling to the places your ancestors are from, overcoming hardship, and many other themes touched on in this adventure story.

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