About This Site

When at a fork in the road, you’ve heard it said, “I took the road less traveled by,” (Robert Frost). Well, I am going to blaze both trails: fiction and non-fiction, in my blog! Here is the formula:

Two posts per week concerning travel and educational tips in the non-fiction blog for parents.
Plus, stay tuned to follow the children’s story, “Little Shoes Travel Memoirs!” –which will be posted once per week (under the category called ‘chapters’.)
What you will find:

The “little shoes” idea was inspired by real-life adventures which I have embellished into a children’s series. Fictional characters and names of places are added to intensify the plot (and though it is indeed based on our family not every detail is true to life!) The stories are intended to be not only a  family legacy for our own children, but infused with imagination in hopes that the stories can touch other lives.

How to follow it:

My husband Jim will be illustrating the series and I will be posting it in mini-chapters, post by post. When all the posts and paintings are done, we hope to revise and then publish the book. My posts are categorized into fiction and non-fiction. You can easily find the chapters of the children’s book by looking at the side bar labeled “categories/chapters” and clicking on the “chapter” link. Chapters for the story will be updated once a week; and travel/educational blog posts will be added to twice per week. You can also look under the link “making the book” to see how we are progressing! If you would like emails with great tips for learning activities, traveling with kids, and recommendations for cultural events in your area, please click the button that says “follow.”

Please leave helpful feedback:

We are hoping to grow our website and prepare our book for publishing. Please feel free to leave feedback about the children’s book. I would like to hear from my readers to know how readable it is for children of different ages, any emotional reactions, observations or shared experiences that you notice in yourself or your children. How do they react? Is the plot understandable? Can you empathize with the characters? Please feel free to post your stories… stories about travel, travel with children, rediscovering family heritage, traveling to the places your ancestors are from, overcoming hardship, and many other themes touched on in this adventure story.

Who here likes to travel?

When I was three, my dad took us with him on a business trip to France, England and Wales. Not only did I appreciate the different sights and people I experienced, but they formed some of my earliest memories! I remember being in the Eiffel Tower, and seeing Notre Dame. I also remember having a temper tantrum on an especially late night at a hotel! I remember being on a plane above the ocean. And I remember coming back home and exploring my home all over again– as if it had changed!

As parents, do you wonder just how much early adventures can impact your child’s life? Are you the adventurous sort of parent, or the cautious sort? Do you put off traveling to new places until your children are “old enough” to appreciate it? Or do you plunge into new adventures with your little ones? Please feel free to comment on this blog! I would love to hear your experiences of where you traveled as a child, or where you have taken your children. I hope this site will inspire parents and children alike! Travel to the blog

2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. What a fantastic idea. I can’t wait to continue following your blog and the Little Shoes Memoir. Simply creative, inspiring and fun.


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